A Lovely Mistake

Photo by: ttejera7, Photo Source: Photobucket

As the gloomy rain fell like dark diamonds onto delicate lilies, Leah’s angelic six-year-old son lays his little head on her lap, his smiling eyes drooping sleepily. She opens her favorite book and thinks “What a beautiful gloomy day” But she needs an escape, she’s lost and confused. Leah seeks shelter in the pages of her book, she needs to lose herself for a moment while she can. She hides behind the irresistible pages as she buries herself deeper in every compelling chapter.

Leah slowly tangles her fingers into her little Liam’s hair comforting him while he sleeps. He’s grown so fast. she closes her eyes for a moment and flashes of his life passes by, the day she felt him first kick in her ever growing belly, the first time he rolled over, and his first giggle followed by his first word. He was a mistake she almost regretted. Looking back through the window, the rain got heavier, she hated this weather once now she can’t get enough.

A Knock on her bedroom door brought her back from her daze. Her mom says with a broken voice “Sweetheart…Its been three days!”. Leah looks towards the door in question, He’s sleeping in my arms. She sees her reflection on her bedroom window, black streaks covering her once rose cheeks, and blood shot red contrasted with the blue-green in her eyes. They were full with sorrow she couldn’t comprehend. Her heart chokes into her throat as she slowly looks down to her lap; Realization stops the flow of  blood to her limbs. Nothing but a pillow settled on her lap, she must have cried non stop because it was damp with tears.

As she retraces the last seventy-two hours, she’s frozen in place while rushing through her memory. She’s taken back to the rare sunny day when Liam got to finally play with his new bike. He had sparkle in his eyes, the smile never left his face. Leah smiles at the thought then finally remembers the moment when she ran to her front door after hearing the friction between rubber and asphalt. She stood at her door with her life slipping away as she saw a car had made it’s way near her porch. The sky turned gray when she saw her lilies scattered everywhere and no little boys in sight. She’s then forever shattered by the sight of metal crumbled underneath that mislead car. She opens her eyes leaving the heartbreaking memory behind.

As she held her mom tight, wishing she was six again she realizes her once lovely Mistake will forever be gone.

Author: H.A