My First Literary Crush

People who don’t read novels don’t understand what I mean when I say: “Books are my shelter.” I don’t mean it literally, where you stack books and create a little shelter like we used to do when we were kids. I mean, they are my home when I am in pain, when I’m sad and even when I’m really happy.

I’ve come to realize that Young Adult novels have become my escape from the real world, don’t you?

Well, there is one problem when seeking shelter in a world that doesn’t exist, submerged in near perfect characters. I’m talking about lead male characters here ladies. You start to believe the world you live in –for the couple hours or days you’re reading– that particular book. And what happens (since our fragile hearts are looking for it) we find true love. For just a moment our heart flutters, we giggle, and we blush.

Pride and Prejudice

My first flutter happened when Elizabeth Bennet met Mr. Darcy. I know, I know, you all expected me to say Edward Cullin or Jace Wayland, maybe even Angel (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

Well, I must explain, I am not that old, I did watch Pride and Prejudice before I read the book, and I’ve always had a hard time reading Jane Austin’s books.

I love Jane Austin’s time period because women were so poise and humble; men these days call it “hard to get!” Women needed to prove themselves worthy of equality and I think what made Mr. Darcy so appealing is that he let Elizabeth challenged that idea.

Oh Mr. Darcy! It wasn’t his looks that I fell in love with, even though he was dark tall and handsome —pure perfection– there was more to him. It was his pride, his way of thinking, and his self-control around Jane that attracted me to him.  What I believe most is that, only Elizabeth brought that side of him out. If it wasn’t for her, he would have been passed unnoticed.

I believe that YA novels are inspired by Mr. Darcy’s character. Every modern day author has a little bit of Jane Austen in them, and every lead male love interest has a Mr. Darcy in them a.k.a the “bad boy”.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the theme happens to be, and what women truly want, is someone with the full qualities and experiences of a man. We want to be the first to stir emotions of love and infatuation in that man, and we want to be unconditionally accepted for who we are by him. That’s what YA books provide; they fill holes that we might have. Even if –in reality– we already have our night in shinning armor, our literary crushes will always be there when we need them, no matter what.

Who is your first Literary Crush? And what do you think of Mr. Darcy’s character? Is he a basis for all the new male lead characters of our time? I would like to hear your thoughts.

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