Hiba writes Flash Fiction when she’s not working on her Graphic Design degree, writing poetry, taking care of her son, spending time with her husband, or tackling the mess in her house. She’s also working on her Young Adult Paranormal Romance Novel (title to be announced).

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Scattered Stars

Image Title: Serafima - Photo by: Yaroslav Karas

She never knew the window in the attic would be the gateway to her sanctuary.  It would be her escape when she needed to disappear. The place she sought out when she felt her addiction rise to the surface and it needed to be tamed… Read More.

Part My Lips

Lifeless Limbs by surfin roxy196

She had been warned, but now it’s too late. I watched as the color slowly drained from her face. Tears blurred my vision, but I refused to let them pass. I was filled with anger, and despair. I stood helpless, while the shadows hovered around —her now– soulless body. She had a debt to pay, and they were in a hurry to retrieve what was rightfully theirs. They closed in on her as I watched, horrified…Read More.

Misspelled Name

Photo by: paradise of bluerose

The day her life ended was dated on a card she received one foggy morning, an invitation that dated the first of April. her heart was always filled with joy reading similar news, and to her there was nothing more beautiful and heart filled than to watch two people vow their love for one another, but when the occasion took from her the man she loved most, she felt her life slip away, day and day, approaching that dreadful date .
Death in Alexandria…Read More.

A Lovely Mistake

Photo by: ttejera7, Photo Source: Photobucket

As the gloomy rain fell like dark diamonds onto delicate lilies, Leah’s angelic six-year-old son lays his little head on her lap, his smiling eyes drooping sleepily. She opens her favorite book and thinks ”What a beautiful gloomy day” But she needs an escape, she’s lost and confused. Leah seeks shelter in the pages of her book, she needs to lose herself for a moment while she can…Read More.

One Last Chance

Photo By: Jure Kravanja

Surrounded by friends, Ellena forgets about her flaws. Her curvy hips fit perfectly in her little black dress. Her skin shimmers under the moon light. She feels confident. A glimpse of a beautiful shadow passes through the crowd. She finds her eyes searching for the familiar face. Subtle as she is, Ellena is caught off guard when she feels the coarseness of his yearning touch at the small of her back. She feels the burning touch scar her skin. Lasting for just a moment, she holds her breath…Read More.

Broken Love Note

Photo by: kotaro10a, Photo Source: Photobucket

She closes her eyes as the wind flutters through her hair, the simple breeze of summer washes the memories back onto her face. A tear starts to drop and she holds her breath. The memory once painful fills her heart with joy today. She sits alone on a wooden bench in the middle of a park she once called her own. She reminds herself to breathe. breathe in, breathe out…breathe in, breathe outRead More.

Death in Alexandria

Viewer discretion is advised. Video contains violence.

Day fourteen,

I’ve grown costume to the chanting, the screaming, and the yelling. They’ve become the soundtrack of my never ending mornings.

This day was different…Read More.


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