Publishers and Authors

Authors, Publishers, and Publicists,

Thank you for considering WovenMyst. We are currently only accepting reviews for Hard-copies and Audiobooks. We Love Audiobooks!!!

Inquiry Time Frame: 

All inquiries will be read within three days of submission, after which any acceptance confirmations will be sent. We apologize that we are unable to accept every inquiry, but please be assured that we are always happy to consider any and all new inquiries.

Genres We Typically Review:

Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, Dystopian, Romance, Realistic Fiction, and we’re open to consider other genres.

Book Formats:

We accept ARCs, newly-released and back-list titles for review. We are accepting review books in the middle of a series, but we may request that you send the previous titles if we have not read them and do not own them. We will review each title sent separately.

Review Posting: 

Review posting can be timed to coincide with release dates or blog tours if arrangements have been made in advance (at least a month).

Promotional Options:

Guest blogging, author interviews and giveaways (books, swag, etc.) hosting are available. In this case, book reviews will be scheduled to coincide with promotional posts.

Reviews can be posted elsewhere if requested.

ARCs and bound books are never sold, but may be offered up in contests and giveaways.

If your interested please Contact Me.